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#U18005 Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry – Limited First Floor Renovation
Tilton, Kelly + Bell, LLC
505 South Mathews Avenue
The Noyes Laboratory of Chemistry – Limited First Floor Renovation project includes new windows, upgraded finishes, including painting, flooring, cleaning/repairing existing terrazzo flooring, new ceilings, new lighting, new door hardware, fire suppression, interior signage and stairway finish upgrades to the east side of the building. Also included is a conversion of an existing unused we laboratory into a new general assignment lecture hall with audio-visual technology and furniture. A new standalone air-handler unit to serve the HVAC needs of the new lecture hall.
#U17017 Life Home – Research Home and Laboratory Facility
Tilton, Kelly + Bell, LLC
75 Bailey Drive, Champaign, Illinois 61820
The project is a new one-story, 5,618 SF building incorporating a research home and research laboratory including observational areas as well as limited classroom facilities. The new building will be constructed on a now-empty 40,000 SF site that will be completed with a 12-car parking lot and landscaping. The new building will be energy efficient but does not require LEED certification.
#U17041 Veterinary Teaching Hospital Small Animal Surgery Renovation and Addition
Tilton Kelly + Bell LLC
1008 West Hazelwood Drive, Urbana, IL 61802
A building addition with associated civil and landscaping work and interior architectural renovations including concrete, structural steel, partitions, doors and hardware, glazing, finishes, insulation, furniture, appliances, equipment, selective demolition, new building envelope including roof, glazing, doors and enclosure, renovated and new HVAC system and distribution, plumbing, electrical, lighting and audio visual work in designated portions of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for Small Animals.
Bidding Closed
3/6/18 1:00 pm
Dick's Sporting Goods #1363 Schererville, IN
tdFarrell Construction, Inc
121 US-41 - Schererville, IN 46375
Please see the Engineering Plans located in the Files/Plan Room
Bids due in 11 months
12/31/19 5:00 pm
Boone Grove Basketball Girls
B&H Technical
B&H Technical Services, Inc 1580 E.
Double Sided Basketball Fan Sign
Bidding Closed
11/16/17 5:00 pm
Park Place, St. John Phase II Addition
10700 Park Place, St. John, IN 46373
Independent Living 52 Units w/associated common area